Structure - FOT North America
Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma United States


In accordance with the bylaws the FOT has an operational structure to support our mission.


FOT Presidents

2004-2012: Melvin P. Rosenwasser, MD
2012-2014: Christopher Born,MD
2014-2016: David Lowenberg,MD
2016-2018: Daniel Horwitz, MD
2018-2020: Douglas Dirschl, MD
2020-2022: Kyle Dickson, MD


Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board consists of the FOT President, the Past President, and the Treasurer, as well as six FOT board members.  The EB works closely with its members to establish a cohesive vision and strategy to achieve these visions. 


FOT Management Team

Lee Ann Finno, Administrator

Operational structure