Mission Statement - FOT North America
Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma United States

Education, Mentorship and Research

FOT strives to influence and enhance orthopedic traumatology through education, mentorship and research founded on firm clinical grounds. These foundational principles are reflected in our humanitarian mission trips to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.



In addition to our clinical and surgical care, we hold a series of lectures with the Haitian residents and our own residents. A question-an-answer type presentation is a method through which different methods of care can be discussed and consolidated to provide optimum surgical care. Beginning in 2021, FOT has assisted ORSI in virtual grand rounds presentations to the orthopedic resident and healthcare providers of Haiti.



The ultimate goal of this mission trip is to provide HAH with the tools and skills necessary to be a self-sufficient premier location for orthopedic care in Haiti. This is accomplished through continual technical and communicative advancements by collaborating together on patient care.



As a result of our consistent trips to Port-au-Prince, relationships and friendships have been formed that allows this partnership to prosper. This will only grow stronger with time and which each successive visit.